How to get ready for EPSO Tests

Are you applying for a job in the European Union and are expecting to take the EPSO tests? Here we will give you a quick run-through of the different positions and tests you are likely to take in your application.

Find out more about how to prepare for EPSO tests.

Know what you are applying for

There are essentially two modes of entry into the European Union for job applicants; the assistant level (AST) and the administrator (AD) level of tests. For each of these categories and subcategories there are specific requirements which you need to meet in order to start your application. Once you have done so, you have to take the EPSO tests which are what we are going to focus on here.

Both AST and AD levels have to take the following tests:

EPSO Verbal Reasoning Test: In this test you have 35 minutes to answer 20 multiple choice questions. You will be presented with a paragraph of often terse information that relates to life and geography around Europe. You have to use your analytical skills to use the information contained within the passages in order to answer the questions as they relate to your ability to come to correct conclusions based on the text.

EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test: In this test you have 20 minutes to answer 10 questions. The questions in the EPSO numerical reasoning test assess your ability to work with complex tables, combining together different items in the table to come up with the correct solution. Practicing for these tests is essential to your success as you cannot fully prepare without taking these tests.

EPSO Abstract Reasoning Test: You have 10 questions to answer in a 10 minute window. You are presented with a series of images that have a particular pattern running through them. You have to identify this pattern and use it to select the correct answer option.

EPSO Situational Judgement Test: In this test you are presented with short stories that are likely to happen in your applied field. Based on these “situations” you are given a number of different options where you have to choose the best one for the situation. This isn’t time limited but you need to know how to answer these situations in the way that EPSO are looking for.

This is a skill that can be learnt and you can do it with practice tests.

AST level candidates also need to take the following EPSO tests:

EPSO Accuracy and Precision: This test is a form of error checking test where you are given a table of information and have to compare it to a snapshot of it. You have to see where the errors are, if any and select the correct answer option from five different choices.

EPSO Organising and Prioritising: In this test you have to use your ability to select the best option for an activity. You are given a table with all the relevant information needed in order to arrive at the solutions. You will need some rudimentary numerical skills

EPSO Skills Tests: There are other skills based tests that different positions need to take such as computer skills in Microsoft programs and the like.

Preparing for the EPSO tests

One thing is very clear and that is that EPSO tests are not generic. They are specific in their format and skill level required. Therefore it is imperative that you practice personalised tests. This gives you the skills and confidence level to know that when you come to take the tests for real you will score your highest possible mark.

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